“Whooohooo for 4 July”

Feels like a weekend; smells like a weekend. Damn skippy, it’s the 4 July and we’re in Chicago to enjoy it.

3 July, Rach and I head out to Diversey Harbour to see the lightshow being given at Grant Park. 4 July we head out to the same location for the Navy pier fireworks. The rest of the city meanwhile had gone into a grill and beer frenzy.

For some insane reason the TV was tuned to “Not Another Teen Movie” …ohhhh dear. I did laugh though at one scene:

 Attractive Slutty Girl : When I tell boys they can do what they want they put it in my ass

 Jock Dude: Whoaa – too much information!

Slutty Girl : I think too much information would be to tell you that I like to take a dump afterwards 

Yeah, I know….  Here’s the YouTube clip (never to dissapoint)

And also here’s the start of the movie – you knew it was gonna happen, but it’s still worthy of inclusion.


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