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So there’s a couple of photo related cool things that i’ve had happen recently; First some friends just got engaged and asked if I could do a photo shoot for them – They had a cool Chicago downtown rooftop location so Rach and I headed up there on a sunny evening to do the shoot – it was awesome and we all had fun and the photos turned out just great (which was great also as I’d just bought a new 50mm 1.8f lens for the very purpose).

Then contacted me to ask if they could use another photograph of Chicago downtown in their visitors guide to the city – this is still TBC but that will make both Buckingham fountains (as seen at the start of “married ith children” and Union Station (as seen in “The Untouchables”) published out there. Great success!

This weekend saw temperatures in the mid/high 90’s – so Sunday Rach and I hit Fullerton beach and proceeded to get a little burned. Trip to Coldstone Creamery on the way back cooled us down – yum!


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