artists i have hated …. but now maybe like.

funny how tastes change – and how one song might change your whole opinion of an artist – certainly for me.

Pink Floyd – Sure they were seminal for their genre, but really… had no time for them… and then I hear “High Hopes” whilst playing pool in the Hobgoblin in Bicester, then see them at Live8 (specifically and then it all changes. Every time I hear High Hopes it reminds me of home – spending weekends with my grandparents in Kirtlington where we would listen to the church bells on Saturday mornings which signalled time to have a sweet cup of tea and some cream crackers. My nan was a firm believer in putting Brandy in our tea for medicinal purposes. I think that has a lot to do with my alcohol tolerance….

Led Zepplin – So as most of you know I have strong affiliations to The Mission, who are supposedly LZ influenced – so why is it that I LOVE the Mish but didn’t like LedZ – and then that damn Puff Daddy remix comes along and then I go buy their “best of” remastered album and I like ’em. Yay me.

Jimmy Hendrix – What was the fuss about? I mean, seriously….. and then an old friend does a mix tape for me (Paul – friend of EMF if you remember them) which includes “Cross Town Traffic” and then I go buy the “best of” …. you know the story.

Bob Marley – Nope. Reggae bollocks. Then my sis keeps playing some BM tracks and all of a sudden I’m buying the “best of’ etc etc. blah blah.

I’m sure folks reading this have similar experiences… but I bet you no-one cites a revival of Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice

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