more on music stuff

i (ahem) saw a post on newsgroups for Mary J Blige which reminded me of the first time I actually listened to this artist(e). Years ago a friend and I went to work and all he’d listen to was Snoop, Dre and other G-Funk stuff. I must admit after listening to it every other week for 2 years i actually liked some of the tracks (shit does eventually stick after all). He also played MJ but I just couldn’t get passed it.

Anyway a couple of years ago I was watching Later With Jools Holland and MJB appears. For whatever reason I decided to watch the performance…

Her performance was nothing less than outstanding – I was absolutely blown away by the sheer talent of the woman… all of her alledged bitch personality aside she gave a passionate all out deliverance of “No More Drama”. Today I found it on YouTube – and here it is :

There are other YT clips, none of which really grabbed me except this : – filmed a couple of years later and still she gave what was clearly every she could to this track.

She may have hit a few bum notes if you’re technical about it by when you consider she gave her heart and soul it only adds, not detracts.

And no, I am not gay for liking a MJB track! 🙂

And no, I still don’t like most of her other stuff.

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