windows scripting and iis issues

My XP install blew up a few weeks ago and rather than doing the usual thing of re-installing myself, i was the good citizen and gave the lappie to our PC Distraught folks to reinstall. They did a pretty good job, except installing some corporate crap on there which i soon removed.

I also installed Outpost, a firewall app, to save me from any nasties. After a week or two I installed some other apps but started seeing errors when they tried to update Windows Scripting (scrrun.dll). Then i tried using IIS and got an the following error

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0201' 

Invalid Default Script Language 

The default script language specified for this application is invalid

So tackling the first issue, I try re-installing Windows Scripting (fails to register the new DLL), run Windows Update (fails to register DLL). Then I realised Outpost might be stopping things because of the way ppl can exploit with WSH. So uninstall Outpost and then I can re-install WSH no problem! One down, one to go.

So I reinstall IIS. Same error. Google provides loads of posts with the same issue but all the suggestions were turning out to be no good for me.  Finally someone from MS had replied to a thread off some newsgroup  – – tried this and the fucker worked. It only took four hours of my Sunday evening to get it working. That’s OK THEN.



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