Happy New Year 2008

Well then! Happy new year to you, dear reader. Here’s to 2008 – it promises to be an interesting one for sure.

Taking stock (sip, sip) of 2007 for me, it’s been a real life changer – so many things have happened – most in a positive way. Some of the highlights were….

  • Traveling to Florida to stay with friends in Feb and getting engaged on Clearwater Beach
  • Traveling to Puerto Vallarta in April to see friends get married
  • Finally giving in and visiting the dentist, after 20 years putting it off! (Don’t worry – he said I had really been looking after my teeth!)
  • Getting pictures published on Schmap.com for Chicago
  • Traveling to Scotland in September to get married – we also spent our honeymoon there, traveling around the country. Good to be in the old country!
  • Rach getting pregnant in October and then us losing it in early December
  • Getting a mole removed from my foot after it being there 20 odd years – UK doctors said it was fine; US doctors wanted it out (and my medical insurance money to boot, I’m sure!)
  • Finally succumbing to wearing glasses (only so i can pass my US driving test!), after being told at 9 yrs old “you will probably need glasses soon” (passed my UK test without them!)
  • Becoming made so welcome to the new arm of my family
  • Visiting friends in North Carolina
  • Buying a Nikon D80 and getting a bigger photography bug
  • Being asked to do some photography for friends for their official engagement pictures – had a blast and they turned out just great!
  • Getting an XBox360 )

2008 will be an interesting year – aside from continuing with our family plans, I want to develop my photography further, and also think about buying a house and car …. a lot to do in themselves. We’re also traveling to the UK at the end of Feb to visit family and friends and also the last shows, possibly ever, that the Mission UK will play… sad day…

Anyway, here’s a little something new for y’all to browse upon until my next post

Free411 – Save your cell costs by using this service

Yapta – Save money on flights – we just saved ourselves a bunch by watching a flight to the UK – went from $590 to $620 to $510… Saved!

TripIt –  In the same vein.. You forward confirmation emails from flights, hotels, etc. to the service and it creates an itinerary automatically. You can then access it via a mobile device.


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