Adobe – Could a major software studio possibly do the right thing?

labs.jpg I am getting a teensy bit excited about what’s going on in Camp Adobe; They seem to have got the right vision where software is going and are providing some exciting developer tools which I definately want to check out.

I’m already a big fan of some of their products – Photoshop and Dreamweaver in particular – however there are some new products available on Adobe Labs which are also looking very worthy…

Adobe® AIR™ lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. Basically blending the web and desktop, blurring the lines of where one starts and the other stops.

Adobe® Flex™ 3 is a cross platform, open source framework for creating rich Internet applications that run identically in all major browsers and operating systems.

Brio is a web meeting service designed for small collaborative meetings for individual professionals and small businesses. With Brio, you can instantly communicate and collaborate through an easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting room.  Think WebEx, however this seems far more lightweight and great for small screen casts.

Although only a (not so) secret coder these days I do like what Flex and AIR are brining to the table. I am also a fan of what Microsoft is *trying* to do (although they’re not always successful… thanks Vista), yet Adobe seems to concentrate a great deal on some of it’s core products and is now getting great reviews from many technical communities. This also will be great as an end-user as we’ll see the creative web ability brought to desktop apps and will feed into the whole usability aspect of application design… cool geek stuff.

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