More Audi TT info

As many of you are visiting my blog regards my experience with the Audi TT, I thought I’d share some extra info.

Waks WWW Site is invaluable for TT owners, with articles on what to watch out for, what modifications are possible, how-to’s etc. I used this site almost as regularly as the TT Forum – the articles are well-written and east to follow. I also remembered when looking at this site that I also replaced the DV (diverter valve), which is supposed to have some marginal improvement in making the engine efficient.

Articles include What is VAGCOM & Coding ,VAGCOM Measuring blocks ,VAG-COM Coding Ross-Tech ,How to change a Battery ,Removing a fly ,Forge Dump Valve Servicing ,Changing Air-Filter ,Removing a door panel ,Removing a coupe boot trim panel , How to Check Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid , Fitting Mudflaps ,How to disconnect the MAF/AMM plug and so much more – well worth browsing Wak’s articles – and he’s a great bloke too!

There are links to some of the ECU modifiers on this site – REVO and APR – but I decided to go with AmD who were based in Bicester but have now moved along with some management changes, so I can’t comment on their products and services today; In the past they were a fair company to work with, even though they got thousands of pounds in repairs!…maybe that’s why!!


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