It’s Tax time! Yaaaay!

Last year I completed tax returns for both UK and US tax authorities; In doing so I realised that there’s so much more that’s deductable for US tax payers. Yay.

However last years tax allowances have changed – For example, last year you could claim up to $250 of charitable donations without the need of a receipt. This year (2008) congress has decided that regardless of the amount you need a receipt. Of course, you could still claim the deductable but if you are under audit, unless you can provide receipt, it’s not allowed.

One of the slip-ups we made when doing the return was that we paid for education fees for a college course and didn’t remember to change address with the college. Getting the tax info from the college subsequently was a bugger.  Which brings me to the next “good idea” idea I’ve been throwing around.

When you move address you have to change your bank, insurance companies, credit cards, medical, etc. etc. It’s a real pain to make sure everyone is updated. So why isn’t there some central service where you change your address one time and everyone you’ve registered with that service gets updated? Sure it’s a little Big Brother but equally, what’s the big deal with publishing your address change?


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