Crank – Film of fun

Just happened to see the film “Crank” starring Jason Statham and Amy Smart (it’s a 2006 release, so forgive my tardiness). Let’s first make it clear that this film will never win awards for pushing the boundaries of cinematography, nor will film buffs be left wondering what hidden message the film leaves us with. It’s just good fun.

The premise is that Statham’s character has been poisoned with some “Chinese synthetic shit” and now he’s trying to find the antidote. The only way to stay alive in the meantime is to keep the adrenaline pumping – which involves increasingly crazy ways to do this.  In some ways it reminded me of “The Getaway” mixed with “Grand Theft Auto” – with the dialog to match. It’s comical and funny, it’s action packed, bizarre (e.g. a scene where Amy and Jason are having stand-up sex in front of a bunch of Asian tourists), and overall thoroughly enjoyable.

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