Mojo – Download music from other people’s iTunes!

The thing about writing commercial software is that even if you put elaborate things in place to stop people copying or ripping it, someone somewhere will find a way.

Similarly, now we live in an MP3 world, people who use iTunes can now download songs from other people’s shared iTunes libraries thanks to Mojo.

“Mojo will automatically find other users on your network and allows you to easily add buddies to your roster for those who aren’t on your local network.   Select a user to share with… Songs you already have in your library are grayed out.  Also, protected songs display in red… All the songs you have selected will be automatically downloaded and added to your iTunes library…Choose any playlist to subscribe to, and Mojo will automatically download and update the latest changes”

Sounds great eh? Mac users can rejoice that this is fully functional at this time, but Windows is still in beta meaning you can only share over a local network – the Mojo guys are working on completing this work shortly.

Visit the Mojo Site for more info

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