I’m all about Photography

This weekend I did a photoshoot with Hillary, Trinity and Mateya – The kids were great and behaved pretty well so I managed to snap quite a few shots. A few weeks back I did a photo session with Stephanie (Rach’s youngest sister) – we did a range of shots and some were just awesome. It was the first time I used my new lighting rig (couple of decorator lights with blue light bulbs, cause I’m all about classy cheap….) – those photos were more challenging as we weren’t going for the usual portrait shots, but instead tried out a few ideas, most of which worked.

Trin and Mateya are posted on my flickr page (http://flickr.com/photos/pauls_travels); Steph’s photos will be posted soon.

I’m also working on my own site (http://onese7en.com) – here’s a demo wip screen shot:

It might change but I need to get something up there as I’m being asked more and more about doing photography… sadly not from Denise Richards to ask her to do another Playboy shoot…

Also working on a new Mission website … each version brings something new … got lots of plans and ideas, but it takes ages to write them all… I wouldn’t let it lie!


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