Spring is here

Thank the Jebus. The leaves seem to have sprung overnight in our street, people are finally tidying up around their houses and such and finally the two other folks in the apartments below don’t let their dogs crap on the communal lawn.

It’s also “clean the car” season where I stand outside and passers by make comments such as “if i brought mine over would you clean mine? Ha ha harrrrrrrrrrrr” and other such well-thought out witty remarks. These are the same people that when asked by the Bank teller “How do you want your money?” they reply “Ho Ho! I don’t mind… I’ll spend it anyway!”.

Oh – and I changed the theme again. And thanks to Yvonne for the awesome tulip pic! The header pic is a picture I took on a recent trip to a salvage company and spotted this awesome stained glass window.


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