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I wrote about buying cars a while back cause I am absolutely mad to get a car that I can say is mine (so to speak). Since then I’ve been doing a ton of research and wotnot – there are some cars that I’ve considered but are now off the list (BMW 3 series – I really like the current gen. look but it’s way expensive). The Audi A4 only makes an appearance as an outsider as I really like the new look… but again I don’t know if this isn’t out of the price range atm.

Also as a surprise is the Audi TT MK1 – introduced in 1999 it’s getting long in the tooth perhaps and also burnt my bum when the engine blew up on me when I owned one. That being said I would go for a 2003 onwards model which has more reliability … they really are great cars when they work! The A5 is aspirational.. still expensive but what a gorgeous car!

I’ve also marked down some SUVs which would be potential replacements for our current SUV – Rach likes the Ford Edge, which I have to agree is pretty funky, but I also like the Nissan and Infinit – the latter being a pricey number so unless we get a good deal is unlikely to feature.

I’ve also included the Civic Si – the Type R equivalent in the US – based on the fact I owned one previously, I continue to be impressed by the Honda’s quality…. Other outsiders are the Mitsi Eclipse – great car, pretty good performance, but when you pit it against the Civic Si… difficult one.

So here it is… the list so far….

Type MPG HW MPG TN BHP Cost/25m Notes
Audi TT (Mk1) Coupe 29 21 225 5.13
Honda Civic Si Coupe 29 21 197 4.68
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Coupe 25 16 265 2009 model gets a facelift
Audi A5 Coupe 27 18 265 5.39
Ford Mustang Coupe 28 19 210
Nissan Maxima Sedan 25 19 255 4.3
Nissan Altima Sedan 23 32 198 3.26
Mazda 6 (6 cyl) Sedan 18 25 212 156bhp 28/21 MPG
Honda Civic Si Sedan 29 21 197 4.68
Audi A4 Sedan 30 21 200 4.49
Mitsubishi Lancer GTS Sedan 28 21 168
Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Sedan 235 Not avail until 2009
Nissan Murano SUV 24 19 240 4.51
Infiniti FX35 SUV 20 15 275 4.99
Ford Edge SUV 24 17 265 5.67
Lincoln MKX SUV 24 17 250 5.37

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