27 songs for the ultimate Brit Pop/Rock playlist

When going through my iPod songs I realised there are a lot of British bands that produce some awesone songs and decided to put together my ultimate playlist for playing at gentleman’s parties, etc. There is one exception to this list of artists… I included The Killers who actually hail from Las Vegas… I think they’re style is very British in keeping with peers such as Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, etc. Here’s what I have so far… I’m sure there are some I’m missing, so if you’d like to suggest some too…. all but one have their YouTube videos too … which was nice.

1. Squeeze – Up The Junction

2. Ultravox – Hymn (Vienna is too slow!)

3. Republica – Ready to Go

4. Supergrass – Alright

5. Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue – The Kids are Alright**

6. Stereophonics -Local Boy in the Photograph

7. The Cult – Sun King

8. Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love (’92)

9. Carter USM – Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

10. The Doves – The Pounding

11. David Bowie and Queen – Under Pressure

12. EMF – Unbelievable

13. Feeder – Just a Day (awesome video btw)

14. Hard-Fi – Living for the weekend (now you know where this blog title came from!)

15. Kaiser Chiefs – I predict a riot

16. Kasabian – Club Foot

17. The Wonderstuff – Unbearable

18. The Killers – Mr Brightside

19. Manic Street Preachers – From Despair to Where

20. The Metal Gurus – Blockbuster* – can’t find a YT of it but here’s something else

21. Muse – Time is running out

22. Franz Ferdinand – Take me out

23. Ride – Twisterella

24. Scouting for Girls – She’s so lovely

25, Sugarbabes – Freak Like Me

26. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

And one to close out….

27. Pink Floyd – High Hopes – Although a little bit depressing for some, this song always takes my mind back to my childhood – and the reason is the bell sound; sounds exactly like the church bell that used to ring behind my grandparents cottage in Kirtlington. Looking back it makes me appreciate what a blessed childhood I had with my family. Anyway, here’s the live version too – didn’t know GIlmour used that instrument to do the solo… Although not generally a Floyd fan, I also love the live version of Comfortably Numb…. awesome guitar from 5:00 onwards. Genius!

Here’s the lyrics from “High” that particularly reverberate:

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

Adding more!

Radiohead – You Do It To Yourself

* The Metal Gurus were a side project for The Mission UK where they covered some of their favourite glam rock songs

** I’m not a big Robbie fan but this does have that good feel to it … the sort of good feel you find towards the end of a night at your favourite disco stroke club stroke wedding.

Bands that did not feature

U2 – South of the border Irish and therefore not a part of the UK 🙂

Keane – Some awesome tracks but I don’t think they’re really ones that make you want to bop around and pretend that you’re 18 again.

3 thoughts on “27 songs for the ultimate Brit Pop/Rock playlist

  1. Dude! I can’t believe you didn’t include Radio Head. Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Karma Police, Fade out…. need I go on

  2. They are Britpop but Oasis happened in 1995 for a brief period, but given they’ve played to one tune since then I’ve really not considered them in any running. Blur on the other hand is a worthy inclusion!

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