Chicago Pride

Living in the US I see far more patriotism that ever experienced in the UK – it’s a wonderful thing to see, but also can be blinding to those that subscribe to it. I’ve also eulogised about how Chicago is a wonderful city to be in and around – and this is why I moved here.

Now let me preface that I’ve been to some pretty stunning places in the world – Edinburgh, Vancouver and Sydney immediately spring to mind – and they’ve been places I’ve considered living in the past, but for some reason I am drawn to Chicago and feel it very much home.. which is weird to see written down.

Part of this Chi-town patriotism has been brought out by hearing a song by Kanye West  – the video features a lot of Chicago – every time I hear this song it makes me feel proud that I’ve had chance to live in Chicago and be part of it.

Here’s the video – enjoy

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