Chicago Shootings in 2008

Despite being an awesome city, Chicago has not had its’ shortfall of issues – one particular one has been the number of shootings taken place this year – apx 125 people have been shot (or rather, 125 people have been reported as shot – there’s probably more).

Click here to view the map

If you’ve taken a look you’ll notice many take place on the South side … no surprises to the Chi-town inhabitants. You would therefore think that Chicago is a scary place to hang out in. For us “north-siders” (or ex-north siders), we’ve been lucky that things have kept out that part of the city (Lincoln Park, Lakeview, etc).

Many of the shootings were also gang related – something that seems to be getting worse… Here’s hoping it doesn’t affect our 2016 Olympic bid.


3 thoughts on “Chicago Shootings in 2008

  1. I live by Midway Airport and it’s getting pretty bad over here, personally I don’t think we’ll host the 2016 Olympics because of all the corruption and crime going on.

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