Mazda RX-8; What a great car / dissapointment

Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8

I have always admired the Mazda RX-8 for its’ looks and performance; I discounted the car as something I would own when in the UK as the MPG is terrible – between 15-18mpg average and 20mpg at best on the motorway/highway.

Now I’m in the land of (relatively) cheap petrol ($2.79 a gallon at the time of writing … but it went up to $4.44) and the discussion of what car to buy (primarily for me) has come up.

What’s great about the RX-8

  • It looks great
  • it’s got 4 doors for those that want to deal with more than 1-2 people (aka Rach)
  • it’s fast (enough)
  • mostly reliable (esp in the later models)
  • it’s got reasonably good residuals.

What things that aren’t so great

Otherwise known as “reasons I might not even get one”

  • Fuel economy – Yeah, you know you should expect this with any rotary engine
  • If you flood the engine it could mean the car has to go back to the dealer. Serious. Start the car on cold then turn it off after a few seconds. Because the way the Renesis engine works you’ve flooded it and you probably won’t be able to restart it – especially on 2004-2005 models – unless you get it carted back to a dealer or use a DIY method which involves squirting washer fluid in the engine (yes. i am serious).
  • Oil usage – check the levels every other fill up – Rotary engines.

So what next?

I’d be a fool not to test drive one… that’s one of the reasons I bought an Audi TT (yeah – let’s not go there right now).


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