Windows 7 and T-Mobile G1 notes

Windows 7 notes

I got hold of a copy of Windows 7 PDC build 6801 (geek!) and installed it on VMWare last night. It’s a bit of a hog on my laptop so I didn’t keep it around for long but compared to vista it seems less intrusive. It’s an early copy so there’s not a great deal visually different from Vista, but from what I did see, it’s just OK at the moment. I’ll wait for another, more mature version before I make a longer evaluation.

It won’t work on VMW v6.0 but will on v6.5 by the way. I heard it also works fine on VirtualBox.

T-Mobile G1 notes

After looking at some of the forums the current major gripes with the product are:

  • The GMap GPS is not that accurate
  • The camera quality is terrible
  • The battery life is pretty awful (some ppl have to charge multiple times a day)

There are rumours and comments that there will be firmware updates to correct some or all of these – I think right now I would not want to own a G1 given all this. I am still reticent about an iPhone too because of the AT&T network.


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