gOS Cloud – the future of the system boot.

gOS is a Linux distro. based on Ubuntu, which is nothing special. However they have just announced gOS Cloud which claims will boot in 1 second, presenting you with a web browser and a window dock a-la Mac OSX. The clever idea here is that you just get the online tools you need to work with and then the option to either switch to Windows, Linux or power down.

Here’s the spiel from their site (http://www.thinkgos.com/cloud.php)

Icon Dock inside of a Browser
Cloud features a friendly icon dock inside the browser, providing users with fast shortcuts to their apps and auto-hiding for full view of web pages.

Run Client Applications
Cloud’s proprietary application framework allows you to run client applications, such as Skype or Media Player, opening them in new tabs just like in Windows or Linux.

Switch to Windows or Linux OS
Cloud allows users to switch to the main operating
system with a single click, or just power off.

Now just think about that – How many times have you had to wait for your laptop to start before you can start to web browse or skype? Having a cut down, fast booting system to give you access to that stuff sounds perfect – and then the option to move into your favourite Win/Lin OS. I for one am very keen to see how this pans out.

Here’s the spec to install:

* Standard x86 Processor
* 128 MB Ram
* 35 MB Storage (Can be smaller or larger)
o Preloaded in HDD/SSD of PC
o Preloaded in on board flash storage of MB
o Preloaded in CD as Windows Installer
* Cloud does not require additional hardware and is compatible with any operating system.


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