Import database content to WordPress via RSS

I recently moved a website hosted on an ASP/Access database configuration to WordPress. This had to have been the easiest content migration possible as WordPress has many ways to import the content.

I decided to use the RSS format to get the content loaded as it was the simplest, most straightforward way of doing that. In doing so I wrote small VBA application that connected to the database and then output the content I needed as RSS to a file – for those of you looking to implement a similar migration I thought you might want to borrow my code implementation. Filled with comments, it just needs you to update the ODBC connection string and the SQL to extract the respective content. There’s also routine’s in there to strip HTML and generally tidy up your content ready for WordPress.

You might want to tweak it anyway, but hopefully it saved you 30 minutes writing something!

Download ODBC to WordPress VBA

p.s. It’s designed to be imported into Excel as a VBA project module file. If you want to run it as a VBS you might need to amend it a little.


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