One7teen pieces of “worldly” advice for my kids

I discovered this post in my drafts, written before the birth of my first child in 2009. I keep coming back to it as the advice holds true. I’m sure over time this list will change but I think it speaks to how we need to respect ourselves and others – and how sometimes we forget about that.

  1. Be true to yourself and others – except the one’s that are two-faced. Their comeuppance will happen.
  2. Aim to treat others as you expect to be treated. It’s not always easy and sometimes virtually impossible.
  3. Never say never – because you’ll probably end up doing it anyway and that’ll just annoy you even more.
  4. At times you may feel closer to a friend than someone in your own family; don’t feel guilty. It’s perfectly normal.
  5. A persons eyes can give away what’s they’re thinking – but also check what they’re doing with their hands and feet.
  6. Sounds corny, but sometimes you’re going to have to lose a battle to win the war.
  7. Although some others might ignore them or treat them with irrelevance, always be nice to folks whose job is either security guards, waiters, waitresses, nurses, cleaners and folks sometimes overlooked – give them the respect they deserve – believe me, they deserve it.
  8. Don’t have fair-weather friends – or be one.
  9. When it’s time, “the one” will find you. You don’t necessarily need to go looking for them, although there’s no harm in window shopping in the meantime.
  10. Admitting being wrong can get you more respect than trying to avoid the fact.
  11. Life goes in cycles – you’re going to have ups and downs. But remember when you’re at the bottom, there’s usually always an up to follow.
  12. Choose the career that makes you excited, happy or gives you passion. You might change careers several times in your working life though.
  13. There’s always someone better off than you – but there’s also someone not so well off.
  14. Money is not the source of all happiness. It is a source of much happiness. Don’t flaunt it.
  15. Treat other drivers on the road as if they don’t know what they’re doing – there are more out there than you think.
  16. Once in a while, stop and take a look at your life and review where you’re at – plan to make any changes you feel need to be changed (and have a 3 year plan that you review every year).
  17. Remember to tell those you love how you feel/care about them – many people forget until it’s too late.

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