Seeing as many of you are searching for this question, here’s an update! If you’re still deciding which one is the best for you, the answer is that either Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox are more than adequate at serving your browser needs.

Having installed all of them, my personal preference is:

  • Everyday surfing : Google Chrome
  • Web Development : Firefox + extensions

That being said, I also have Opera still installed as I like what they’ve done with it; it’s very much similar to Firefox, with a sidebar which tries to extend the browser functions in the social space, filesharing, etc. Definitely interesting, but not something the masses will pick up.

As for browsers I don’t like? Internet Explorer (any version) and Apple Safari – neither have the usability or capability that I am looking for. What’s your flavour?

7 thoughts on “Browser Wars : Chrome vs Opera vs Firefox (update)

  1. As far as I’m concerned, the browser wars top two competitors are Opera and Chrome. I think Chrome’s strongest feature is it’s ability to release RAM when tabs are closed, but the browser is bare-bones on a default install; just like Firefox, you have to install extensions in order to get certain functionalities that you may want.

    For my primary browser, I’ve been sporting Opera as of late. It’s almost as fast as Chrome, but has more built-in features out-of-the-box. Opera also now supports extensions, although there are far fewer at this time compared to Chrome and Firefox.

    In my opinion, Opera does a better job than Chrome in at least these areas: bookmarking, RSS, session management, tab management and search engine management.

    Microsoft did a better job with IE9 than they did with previous versions, but it’s a system hog on my machine so I only use it when I have to. As far as Safari is concerned, it uses the same rendering engine as Chrome (WebKit), so I see no benefit of using it over Chrome. Further, I’ve seen tests where Safari is out performed in memory management and speed.

    Did Mozilla just copy Opera’s interface for Firefox 4? I liked the v3.6 interface better, and for some reason Mozilla has decided to release Firefox in faster cycles now. v4.0 was released earlier this year, and at the time of this writing, it’s at v.7.0.1. I’m not a plug-in developer, but I read somewhere that a fast release cycle will break plug-ins too quickly for most developers to keep up. Either way, I use Firefox mainly for development work. Firefox definitely has the edge here with plug-ins.

    Overall, I’ll give Opera the nudge, but I often find myself with it and Chrome open simultaneously. Personally, I think the biggest move Opera could make at this point is the separate process architecture. All major browsers are comparable at JavaScript performance at this point—a difference of ~300ms isn’t going to matter much. I predict the improvement of anti-spam/malware security features will be on browser vendor’s top-to-do lists for the next few years.

  2. All very valid points; I pretty much agree with much you have written. Safari does not get my seal of approval as it’s buggy (windows version). Thanks for writing / commenting!

  3. I’m more of an Opera user also. Chrome just feels Naked at times, and it does not provide much out of the box, unless extensions are added. Opera on the other feels solid and full featured and highly customizable.

    Only down side is that may site developers don’t take it into account when developing, so the Opera development team always has to clean up after them, using an awesome feature called browser.js, which fixes the mistakes of other websites like Yahoo and Facebook so they work well with the browser. For that effort alone, I tip my hat to them and use the browser virtually every hour of my working day.

    I only use Chrome when I need to build stuff for my company, even then, it got broken with a recent update to the websocket protocol so I switched to Safari until the application can be re-written.

  4. Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree that Chrome comes out of the box a little naked; We’re really at a situation where Chrome, Firefox and Opera are much of a sameness and it’s up to the individual to pick their fave. Safari still has too many bugs even though it uses Webkit a la Chrome

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