Monavie – The first (not a pyramid apparently) scheme to exploit Social Media to exploit you

Would you spend $8400 on juice drink over 5 years? Well that’s what Monavie is expecting you to do. For $140 a month they supply a juice drink that’s apparently going to make you feel better and be more healthy. If you google “Monavie review” you’ll get a mixture of pages straight out promoting it and others that elude to some negative form of review “Check this out before you sign up to Monavie” and then turn it around to be positive – because they’re all trying to make you sign up to this scam deal.

Let me break this down for you people. It’s a network selling arrangement (you can’t call it a pyramid apparently). The purpose is to create a network of people who actually believe they are both making people healthier and themselves wealthier.

The reality is, anyone selling it, just like all the other pyramid Multi-level Marking (MLM) schemes, is maybe only getting part of the wealth (if they push it on their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc) – the true wealth is being passed up the chain of the not-a-pyramid. On top of that, it’s basically selling Acai, grape, blueberry and prune juice. So really nothing new, nothing proven to be any more effective than what’s out there for A LOT LESS (Acai 1L $6 for example). Let’s face it – adding fibre to your diet is a must – and all you’re doing with Monavie is paying over the top for the privilege of taking a shit every day, when you could easily get a fibre supplement, or just drink prune juice. Or basically just eat healthier – ’cause that’s what it boils down to – less sugar, judicious carbs, more fibre, etc. and exercise. I guess if Monavie could market running as a pyramid MLM scheme they’d do that too.

I’m not alone in this train of thought – here’s a few sites that independently concludes the same thing

And for anyone that comes to the table with the “You can’t put a price on your health” – True, but I can choose to buy produce that isn’t just glorified fruit juice.


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