Notes of Interest – April 24 2013

Curated links of interest – April 24 2013

SailFish OS

Open Source Mobile OS based on Linux core and the QT Framework – SDK avaialble for Linux, Windows, OSX
While Mozilla is offering its’ own OS, this could be a outlier that creates a movement for budget devices

Why Excel has been the bane and core of my business life

28 Year old Econ Grad publishes paper “Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff,” that took aim at a massively influential study by two Harvard professors named Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff. Herndon found some hidden errors in Reinhart and Rogoff’s data set, then calmly took the entire study out back and slaughtered it.


Don’t Send Me a Message

One of my pet peeves too – Don’t send me a message to say I have a message!!!


Pony – ORM for Python

Pony is a Python ORM that lets you query a database using Python generators. These generators are then translated into effective SQL.


How Hyphens can hurt your SEO

Experiments in SEO and why hyphens can impact you


Javascript demos

Pushing the boundaries of traditional javascript, these demos show how far we have come – and the potential of where we can go

 JQuery 2 released

Drops IE 6-8 Support. Performance improvements.


Which Javascript Frameworks are getting more interest?

What people are searching on (sourced from Google)


HTML5 apps are still the red headed step-child

HTML5 is great, or would be if it had tools to support it (and why native mobile apps still win)
Link Link

Please don’t deploy your app on a Friday

As someone whose life was Friday night app deploy focused, I can relate


O’Reilly Free Books

Free books from the famed tech publisher


App Developers Leaving Facebook

Why Developers are leaving Facebook – sometimes its’ own success can be its’ ultimate downfall



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