Software a CxO should know

In the last few years, many open source applications have become more mainstream, answering the need of many to solve developer, network, backoffice, security and business processes (to name a few). There are many you will have likely heard of (such as OpenOffice [see: LibreOffice)], or VirtualBox), but possibly there are some less familiar to the CxO community.

So here’s my breakdown of some of the software that won the BOSSIES open source awards and should be on your radar:

BonitaBPM – Designing and mapping out business processes can be timely; being able to effectively map them to actors and other systems and do it in a graphical way is going to be essential to make sure it’s effective.

Talend OpenStudio – Take multiple sources of data in, transform and validate and output – Alteryx does this really well; Talend does too.

Warewolf – Service Orientated Architecture gets a boost with graphical microservice design with a powerful UI workflow. Your developers will love this.

KNIME – Data-mining and predictive analytics in a very well put-together package. Big data may be a buzzword rammed down everyone’s throat, but regardless of the size of your data, mining and determining new value from that data is really important.

Teiid – Take multiple sources of data, expose them as one with caching, optimization, security and additional metadata and you have Teiid

RethinkDB – Possibly we have a NoSQL database that can really scale – and speaks JSON natively and provides real-time updates. You’ve probably heard of CouchDB or MongoDB – RethinkDB is also worth a look

For a full list of 2015 Bossies, check out the InfoWorld site

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