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Audi, what ye reap, so shall ye sow

Audi TT Coupé
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When a customer has a bad experience they complain. If the company doesn’t give satisfactory resolution what do they do?

In my recent post regarding my experience with Dell, I talked about how using social media can help the cause. I mentioned how a musician had posted a video to YouTube after an airline failed to compensate him adequately for damaging his guitar.

I now find myself in the position of having written an article almost two years ago about my experience with Audi after my Audi TT engine failed in a dramatic way having done only a reasonable amount of miles, costing lots to repair and all Audi could say was “Too bad too sad. If you had got your car serviced through us we might have been interested but as you didn’t we don’t want to know”

Well two years on and this little post has attracted almost 60,000 views! The article is found through people search for “common Audi TT problems” or its’ derivatives through search engines. Hopefully Audi might one day take note, as their devil may care approach to customer service has turned this into an example of how that now has potentially turned thousands of car sales into other manufacturers opportunities.

Of course, if Audi wanted to let me drive the new TT and give regular reports on it, I’d be more than happy to oblige 🙂

Audi TT Mark 1 trick – Reset your throttle body

Quick trick here for Audi TT owners – when you drive your TT it learns about your driving habits and will adjust the throttle body accordingly; so if you’re a cautious driver it will not be so quick on the power when you want to drive hard all of a sudden. This sounds like a less-helpful feature but actually can help with your fuel economy.

So when you’re ready to get the best throttle response from your TT, simply wait until the car is cold, put your key in the ignition, turn until the dash lights are on then wait around 3 minutes – you may hear some clicking. After that just remove the keys and then you’re done! If you’ve not done this before you may notice the difference!

Not sure if it works on other Audi Models or the new Mark 2 TT… if readers know, please

UPDATE: This note on the TT Forum as to why this is good for some:

“there is no accelerator cable but everything is electronic. The accelerator pedal movement actually produces a variable voltage between 1 and 4volts approx which is read by the engine management system. The EMS then uses that information, plus info from many other sensors to determine spark timing, fuel injection timing/period and air flow volume into the engine, the latter being controlled by the real throttle – an air valve driven by an electric motor. Now if you use the car for lots of gentle driving in town, say, then you never get to the wide open throttle (WOT) stage, so the EMS makes the 1-4volt range of the pedal equal 0 – 75% of throttle movement…. makes pedal more ‘sensitive’ and is better for fine adjustment in traffic … TBR doesn’t actually change anything mechanical – it just tells EMS to reset and recalibrate the throttle so that pedal right down “