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Finding the perfect (regular) American Car – Part One: Enter the Dragon

What is it that makes a car desirable? I guess it depends on how important you think looks or performance, or any one of many criteria. Maybe you feel your dangler ain’t what it used to be so you want something that says “hey ladies, I still got it going AWWWWWN”. OK, maybe not.

Round #1 : Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saturn

For this first one we have the Mazda 6, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Galant, Nissan Altima and Saturn Aura. The Mazda is a current forerunner, whilst the Mitsu & Saturn are lagging behind, like the left-handed cross-eyed twins taking part in a three-legged race.

Fallen at the first!

mit-galurd.jpgThe Mitsubishi takes one for the team at the first hurdle. The vets are approaching and the glue factory anticipate a bumper harvest.

Now I DO like some Mitsu’s but this one was in the UK and really is seen as a one to avoid – unless you’re old or enjoy collecting sawdust and keep a collection of interesting toe clippings. AOL’s auto site described it as having “aggressive styling”. The only thing that makes this car aggressive is it’s ability to overwhelm you with the feeling you should be wearing beige slippers. It’s so mundane I almost fell into a coma when staring at the image. Basically this is good for nothing except the rental companies – no fear of revving the crap out of this car – it will induce a coma before the rev counter reaches 5000 revs. Yawn.

It’s a flippin’ Vauxhall!

Saturn AuraYes folks – anyone in the UK knows that if you buy a Vauxhall (Saturn in the US) that you’re buying a car that does a good impression at being one of the “in” crowd, but when you get to own one you realise you’ve been had and wake up the next morning with a sore ass, administered by the salesman who is now laughing all the way to owning another shell suit. Vauxhalls are renowned for being great for 2-3 years and then things start falling off and going a bit Pete Tong. GM are introducing many of the models the UK has had (Aura = Vectra; Astra) to the US to reinvigorate things …. there’s a FWD 220bhp Astra for instance which even made me look at in the UK – but upon closer inspection I realised that aside from the amazing power output (which is actually too much for a FWD in this class), it’s really not going to be a long term giver.

So really what I’m saying is… Saturn – you’se been kicked to the curb. You’re outta here!

Nissan Altima get’s a look in.

Nissan AltimaI was once driven in an Altima. At first I was thinking “Pffft. Whatever.” But then!… but then it blew me away with performance, with style, with comfort, with ride… Very impressed. But what’s the low-down around the ‘net?

Well it’s not all good – but it’s not bad; Now I would *love* the Coupe version (which would win no popularity points with (a) my back when I have to put kids in the car (b) my wife – and life has told me you never piss off a woman where possible (and if you do, apologise for whatever it was, was your fault – even if it wasn’t).

So I’m going to keep the Nissan in the picture for now. Well done sir.

Honda Accord – Damn Skippy!

Honda Accord I think people forget about this one… it’s been likened to a Japanese BMW 3 series and, let’s face it, is a Honda! I owned a Civic Type R and that thing was build solid. Honda’s reputation is fantastic. Nothing funny to say, except it’s on the list… but the older models don’t look quite so good.

Mazda6 – We like! You like! It likes sex.

Mazda6Great car. Rach and I both like it. Get your coat love, you’ve pulled.

So there we have it – the Nissan, Honda and Mazda are all the Kings of the Castle whilst the Saturn and Mitsubishi are the Burger Kings. These three worthy contenders move forward to die another day and other cliches.

Next car post we’ll look at some more. In the meantime here’s a picture of a pair of perky tits.