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Dominick’s Grocery Stores Exit Chicago Market

My thoughts to this, as Twitter’s 140 characters do not suffice.

As someone who has worked on Consumer Packaged Goods market dynamics, I was always wondering at the play and positioning Dominick’s team had in the Chicago Market; my view of the typical Chicago shopping consumer was this:

  • Jewel – A Chicago staple through longevity if nothing else; has tried to reinvigorate the brand through several marketing activities (loyalty card, collect stickers to get pots and pans, etc), but was mid-tier in terms of quality and pricing. Store locations were typically prime catchments which saved it
  • Trader Joe’s – For those who want decent product at a decent price and didn’t want to pay Wholefood’s prices. Choices are limited.
  • Wholefood’s – The top tier for organic produce; believes its’ prices are reasonable, but in reality, the majority don’t consider doing their weekly shop here as it’s too expensive.
  • Aldi – Came in to market with a budget perspective; has slowly been changing consumer perceptions. Still has some work to do on brand image but product quality is definitely on the up
  • Food4Less – And quality to match. Budget all the way
  • Kroger – More of a south side / burbs thing; wants to be a Jewel but doesn’t have the brand presence or quality of store premesis
  • Meijer – Target with more food choices

Which left Dominick’s; it tried to place itself in the upper-middle catchment – a notch above Jewel in terms of store premises quality, a fair balance of price and quality, but way below the high priced Wholefood’s. Unfortunately store placement seemed to be a barrier to entry, as did the perceived image (“I don’t shop there – it’s too expensive” heard many times). Almost every time I visited a Dominick’s store the footfall was low and so it seemed only a matter of time until the inevitable happened.

I guess Chicago and its’ circumstances (placement, economic) sealed the fate.


More negative press for Chicago

It seems that Chicago has been deemed the most stressfull city in the USA… not from where I’m siting (which is near Sears Tower). Sure we’ve had a few knocks, like the increase in gang shootings and some neighbourhoods having increase in crime but I don’t know it’s necessarily true that we’re the MOST stressful…

Chicago has a 7.3% unemployment rate, the eighth most polluted air in our ranking and in city where everybody drives to get around, a gallon of gas costs a nickel under $4 dollars.

Here’s the article

btw Who’s lucky enough to get petrol for less that $4 a gallon? Especially downtown!

Chicago Shootings in 2008

Despite being an awesome city, Chicago has not had its’ shortfall of issues – one particular one has been the number of shootings taken place this year – apx 125 people have been shot (or rather, 125 people have been reported as shot – there’s probably more).

Click here to view the map

If you’ve taken a look you’ll notice many take place on the South side … no surprises to the Chi-town inhabitants. You would therefore think that Chicago is a scary place to hang out in. For us “north-siders” (or ex-north siders), we’ve been lucky that things have kept out that part of the city (Lincoln Park, Lakeview, etc).

Many of the shootings were also gang related – something that seems to be getting worse… Here’s hoping it doesn’t affect our 2016 Olympic bid.

Chicago Pride

Living in the US I see far more patriotism that ever experienced in the UK – it’s a wonderful thing to see, but also can be blinding to those that subscribe to it. I’ve also eulogised about how Chicago is a wonderful city to be in and around – and this is why I moved here.

Now let me preface that I’ve been to some pretty stunning places in the world – Edinburgh, Vancouver and Sydney immediately spring to mind – and they’ve been places I’ve considered living in the past, but for some reason I am drawn to Chicago and feel it very much home.. which is weird to see written down.

Part of this Chi-town patriotism has been brought out by hearing a song by Kanye West  – the video features a lot of Chicago – every time I hear this song it makes me feel proud that I’ve had chance to live in Chicago and be part of it.

Here’s the video – enjoy