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Windows 7 and T-Mobile G1 notes

Windows 7 notes

I got hold of a copy of Windows 7 PDC build 6801 (geek!) and installed it on VMWare last night. It’s a bit of a hog on my laptop so I didn’t keep it around for long but compared to vista it seems less intrusive. It’s an early copy so there’s not a great deal visually different from Vista, but from what I did see, it’s just OK at the moment. I’ll wait for another, more mature version before I make a longer evaluation.

It won’t work on VMW v6.0 but will on v6.5 by the way. I heard it also works fine on VirtualBox.

T-Mobile G1 notes

After looking at some of the forums the current major gripes with the product are:

  • The GMap GPS is not that accurate
  • The camera quality is terrible
  • The battery life is pretty awful (some ppl have to charge multiple times a day)

There are rumours and comments that there will be firmware updates to correct some or all of these – I think right now I would not want to own a G1 given all this. I am still reticent about an iPhone too because of the AT&T network.

T-Mobile G1 in White and another victory for T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile G1 in White
T-Mobile G1 in White

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile customer service. Asked if the CS-Rep had a G1 and she said no, she was waiting for the white one due out in October.

A quick Google showed what the product will look like. I don’t know if I like the white idea – very iApple-esque idea in some ways. That being said I’ve had a chat with some folks who have the G1 and reports are favourable. There are exceptions but I get the sense this is early days for this product and things will only get better.

T-Mobile G1 Side by side
T-Mobile G1 Side by side

Click the image for the bigger version

T-Mobile Customer Service Does It (good) Again!

I got stung for $200 for early termination of my contract, even though I had phoned T-mobile earlier in the year to confirm the termination date. My initial call to query it was met with “Meh – you had 60 days to query it and it’s in the contract so suck it up” but I called again 2 days later (after the first supervisor didn’t call me back when he promised to) and spoke to a sympathetic CS Rep (Amanda) and her supervisor (Jimmy) who agreed that being given incorrect information by a CS Rep is not a valid reason to have a refund and gave me the $200 back without question. Now THAT is customer service.

T-Mobile have been good to me – both in the quality of their calls and the customer service. Unfortunately their phones are a little outdated compared to Verizon and AT&T (only cause of the iPhone for the latter). That being said, T-Mobile do offer the G1 which I suspect will be a worthy competitor to the iPhone … I may recind my thoughts about not buying one…. Hmmm…. Contract is up in March 09….

Apple iPhone 3G vs T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 with slide keyboard
T-Mobile G1 with slide keyboard

If you’re like me you don’t tend to jump on the technology bandwagon with new gadgets and gizmos until they’ve had a chance to establish themselves, shrug off the quirks and bugs, etc.

At the launch of the original Apple iPhone I recognised a product which looked great, had a great user interface and potential to be the phone to end all phones (well, it’s more of a PDA). However it didn’t have several features I thought were essential – most notably 3G and the lack of Outlook/Exchange integration. Yes, whether you’re Gates Hater or not, Microsoft Exchange is essental to most businesse and so integration is a must.

Then comes the iPhone 3G and all the necessaries are in place – but wait! There’s a rumour that Google have developed an iPhone killer using their “Android” platform… Enter T-Mobile with the G1 product.

The one thing I don’t like about Apple is their proprietary platforms – try getting a 3rd party battery for your iPod, etc. Ain’t gonna happen. With other vendors such as T-Mobile (and Google) we have hope of extending and supporting the product with 3rd party products – meaning a cheaper proposition to the consumer. At least that’s the theory.

So now T-Mobile have released the G1 – is it as good or better than the iPhone? Will I buy one? Probably not. Will I buy an iPhone. Probably. Why? Here’s my take:

Everyone has their own set of criteria for what makes an great phone experience. Aside from the usual phone features, mine is the ability to integrate with Outlook/Exchange, reliable 3G GPS maps – and looks cool! If Apple have done one thing right, it’s their products look sexy – and they have the marketing right too! Who can resist? That being said, the G1 has the potential to grow up quickly – it’s got all the right ingredients, but they’re not yet quite there – is it worth the wait? We’ll see.

There are a ton of articles on comparing the phones -here’s a couple to help