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MacBook running hot after installing OSX Lion – Fix here

After installing OSX Mountain Lion I noticed that my Mac Book Pro was getting extremely hot and battery life was poor at best. Seems I was not alone.

After googling (if that’s a verb), I discovered one of several solutions:

  1. You’ve got a Citrix type client installed which is running in the background (see this thread)
  2. You have Office 2008 or 2011 and Spotlight is having an issue with indexing (see this thread)
  3. You need to reset your SMC (see this Apple KB item) – this is not as likely as the others.

I have gone through all three and so far it seems to have cooled the laptop. I’ve also noticed that Flash/Shockwave sometimes hangs with high CPU – with the new changes I need to evaluate if that’s still a problem, but figured in the meantime I’d share how to potentially fix your Lion woes.

Update 1: After performing steps 1-3 I noticed improvement in battery life – until I started to use Chrome with a site using Flash and suddenly Shockwave was going crazy with CPU and memory usage. Again, it’s not just me. If anyone has ideas please comment below.

Renew IP address on Mac OSX using the command line

I’m still discovering things with the Macbook – particularly the differences between OSX and Windows.

One thing that’s happened a couple of times now is that I’ll start my Mac from a sleep state and it reports that another device has the same IP address as it had previously been assigned.

As every device I use is connected via Wireless including the Macbook, first thing I did was go to the Airport Network Preferences, disconnect Airport then reconnect. After that didn’t work I removed my wireless config from Airport then added it again – still with no luck.

With Windows it’s pretty simple – open a command prompt and type ‘

ipconfig /release


ipconfig /renew

….but OSX has a different trick.

One article suggested I open a command prompt (in OSX) and type

sudo ifconfig en0 down
sudo ifconfig en0 up

This resolved the issue. However my noggin told me this would be weird as in theory en0 should be the ethernet port and en1 the wireless. Sure enough, doing a

netstat -i

proved this to be the case. So whilst I resolved the issue, I’m a bit puzzled why releasing the ethernet adaptor would help resolve this… if anyone knows please comment!

MacBook Air Revisited – Sexiest and most expensive second computer to date?

There are a slew of articles coming out that agree with my sentiments I stated the day the MacBook Air was released; to quote Ars Technica

Clearly, Apple has failed to understand the needs and desires of laptop users with the MacBook Air.

Clearly. Here’s a relevant article from Gizmodo.

Let’s make one thing clear. Apple has made it sexy and appealing and did a great PR job – It’s almost unique (almost). However, practical users wanting a primary machine will want more than Air can deliver out of the box.

So here’s the clever bit that Apple are also great at; They’re going to make a killing on accessories. Just like every other Apple PC, they are the main people for after sales and support. They pull you in with trendy/sexy products that cross the line between geek and non-geek and then get you with extended warranty, accessories and toys. You end up wanting everything Apple and nothing has changed with the MacBook Air.

My prediction is that Apple is going to let the market settle – let the geeks retrieve their once soiled corduroy pants after the announcement of the product from the dry cleaners, play with it a while and then deliver more toys to trick it out with. They’ve already started with the Air Superdrive.

Incidentally, I do own an IPod. Yes I am thinking about getting a Mac for my Photo/Music work… damn my eyes, I fell for it!