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How to fix Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape fan only working on some settings

2008 Mazda Tribute photographed in College Par...
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Having just discovered this morning that the fan on my Mazda Tribute only worked on setting 4 and 1-3 were doing nothing. This post resolves the issue for the Mazda Tribute, Mercury Mariner and Ford Escape 2008 but may very well apply to other models – probably 08-11.

I did the usual googling and found a few posts that said that it was the blower resistor causing the problem. Unfortunately none of them were really that great in their description of resolving the issue.

Obviously you first need to get the blower resistor from your fave car part store – The Tribute / Escape resistor was $21 + tax from Autozone.

Preparation: You’ll need a socket / wrench set. I used 8mm or  5/16th for the glove compartment & 9mm or 11/32 for the fuse.

  1. Remove the 3 screw bolts at the base of the glove compartment
  2. Open the glove compartment
  3. Squeeze the sides of the glove compartment and pull away
  4. The black plastic box you can now see is the blower unit
  5. On top and to the right is a connector with wires coming out – this is the connector to the blower resistor
  6. Remove the connector (depress the little catch and pull upward)
  7. Remove the 2 bolt screws that hold the resistor in place
  8. Pull out the old fuse unit & replace with the new unit
  9. Now just reverse the instructions!

Time to fix : 10-15mins. Hopefully this saves you time fixing your Mazda Tribute or Ford Escape fan / blower!

Mazda RX-8; What a great car / dissapointment

Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8

I have always admired the Mazda RX-8 for its’ looks and performance; I discounted the car as something I would own when in the UK as the MPG is terrible – between 15-18mpg average and 20mpg at best on the motorway/highway.

Now I’m in the land of (relatively) cheap petrol ($2.79 a gallon at the time of writing … but it went up to $4.44) and the discussion of what car to buy (primarily for me) has come up.

What’s great about the RX-8

  • It looks great
  • it’s got 4 doors for those that want to deal with more than 1-2 people (aka Rach)
  • it’s fast (enough)
  • mostly reliable (esp in the later models)
  • it’s got reasonably good residuals.

What things that aren’t so great

Otherwise known as “reasons I might not even get one”

  • Fuel economy – Yeah, you know you should expect this with any rotary engine
  • If you flood the engine it could mean the car has to go back to the dealer. Serious. Start the car on cold then turn it off after a few seconds. Because the way the Renesis engine works you’ve flooded it and you probably won’t be able to restart it – especially on 2004-2005 models – unless you get it carted back to a dealer or use a DIY method which involves squirting washer fluid in the engine (yes. i am serious).
  • Oil usage – check the levels every other fill up – Rotary engines.

So what next?

I’d be a fool not to test drive one… that’s one of the reasons I bought an Audi TT (yeah – let’s not go there right now).