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Yahoo + News Corp = Evil Internet

Yahoo has announced it’s looking at letting Murdoch’s News Corp. take over it’s hallowed halls for $40 a share (Microsoft offered $31). What a travesty for internet users worldwide! News Corp. a.k.a the axis of evil.

They have idiots pushed in our faces like Bill O’Reilly (O’Reilly Factor show on Fox), who continue to push the Neocon dictates of Herr Merdoch to the masses. Making Yahoo part of this awful corporation (there goes my chances for working at News Corp. Shame.) would be a terrible move in the long run. Don’t people get that no matter how much Microsoft bashing goes on, the prospect of News Corp. taking over Yahoo is one hundred times worse.

As I’ve mentioned, I believe the Microsoft based acquisition could be a very good thing – maybe Yahoo is trying to force their hand in raising the offer…. if that’s the case, I fear it could backfire to the detriment of us all.