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Windows 7 and T-Mobile G1 notes

Windows 7 notes

I got hold of a copy of Windows 7 PDC build 6801 (geek!) and installed it on VMWare last night. It’s a bit of a hog on my laptop so I didn’t keep it around for long but compared to vista it seems less intrusive. It’s an early copy so there’s not a great deal visually different from Vista, but from what I did see, it’s just OK at the moment. I’ll wait for another, more mature version before I make a longer evaluation.

It won’t work on VMW v6.0 but will on v6.5 by the way. I heard it also works fine on VirtualBox.

T-Mobile G1 notes

After looking at some of the forums the current major gripes with the product are:

  • The GMap GPS is not that accurate
  • The camera quality is terrible
  • The battery life is pretty awful (some ppl have to charge multiple times a day)

There are rumours and comments that there will be firmware updates to correct some or all of these – I think right now I would not want to own a G1 given all this. I am still reticent about an iPhone too because of the AT&T network.

T-Mobile G1 in White and another victory for T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile G1 in White
T-Mobile G1 in White

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile customer service. Asked if the CS-Rep had a G1 and she said no, she was waiting for the white one due out in October.

A quick Google showed what the product will look like. I don’t know if I like the white idea – very iApple-esque idea in some ways. That being said I’ve had a chat with some folks who have the G1 and reports are favourable. There are exceptions but I get the sense this is early days for this product and things will only get better.

T-Mobile G1 Side by side
T-Mobile G1 Side by side

Click the image for the bigger version

T-Mobile Customer Service Does It (good) Again!

I got stung for $200 for early termination of my contract, even though I had phoned T-mobile earlier in the year to confirm the termination date. My initial call to query it was met with “Meh – you had 60 days to query it and it’s in the contract so suck it up” but I called again 2 days later (after the first supervisor didn’t call me back when he promised to) and spoke to a sympathetic CS Rep (Amanda) and her supervisor (Jimmy) who agreed that being given incorrect information by a CS Rep is not a valid reason to have a refund and gave me the $200 back without question. Now THAT is customer service.

T-Mobile have been good to me – both in the quality of their calls and the customer service. Unfortunately their phones are a little outdated compared to Verizon and AT&T (only cause of the iPhone for the latter). That being said, T-Mobile do offer the G1 which I suspect will be a worthy competitor to the iPhone … I may recind my thoughts about not buying one…. Hmmm…. Contract is up in March 09….

Apple iPhone 3G vs T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 with slide keyboard
T-Mobile G1 with slide keyboard

If you’re like me you don’t tend to jump on the technology bandwagon with new gadgets and gizmos until they’ve had a chance to establish themselves, shrug off the quirks and bugs, etc.

At the launch of the original Apple iPhone I recognised a product which looked great, had a great user interface and potential to be the phone to end all phones (well, it’s more of a PDA). However it didn’t have several features I thought were essential – most notably 3G and the lack of Outlook/Exchange integration. Yes, whether you’re Gates Hater or not, Microsoft Exchange is essental to most businesse and so integration is a must.

Then comes the iPhone 3G and all the necessaries are in place – but wait! There’s a rumour that Google have developed an iPhone killer using their “Android” platform… Enter T-Mobile with the G1 product.

The one thing I don’t like about Apple is their proprietary platforms – try getting a 3rd party battery for your iPod, etc. Ain’t gonna happen. With other vendors such as T-Mobile (and Google) we have hope of extending and supporting the product with 3rd party products – meaning a cheaper proposition to the consumer. At least that’s the theory.

So now T-Mobile have released the G1 – is it as good or better than the iPhone? Will I buy one? Probably not. Will I buy an iPhone. Probably. Why? Here’s my take:

Everyone has their own set of criteria for what makes an great phone experience. Aside from the usual phone features, mine is the ability to integrate with Outlook/Exchange, reliable 3G GPS maps – and looks cool! If Apple have done one thing right, it’s their products look sexy – and they have the marketing right too! Who can resist? That being said, the G1 has the potential to grow up quickly – it’s got all the right ingredients, but they’re not yet quite there – is it worth the wait? We’ll see.

There are a ton of articles on comparing the phones -here’s a couple to help

Noka 5300 XpressMusic – Long term review (not good for Nokia; Great for T-Mobile)

Nokia 5300I thought I’d share my experience using the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic under the T-Mobile network – this is ultimately a success story for T-Mobile and a negative one for Nokia – both which surprised me.

The 5300XM Experience

Having owned Motorola V3 and V3x beforehand, this unit was stubbier and thicker – At the time I was OK with this change in dimension, but in retrospect when re-using the V3, I think the design is a little too bulky. It’s a reasonably sturdy unit, though the screen does get scratched easily – however the slider mechanism holds up well to everyday use.

The user interface is fine – a little clunky here and there, but generally in line with Nokia products (I still prefer the Motorola UI), however the biggest downside has been the voice quality.

Fundamental Flaws

If there’s one thing you have to get right with a phone, it’s that the voice quality is the best you can get. Regretfully my experience with the 5300 was not a positive one. People who called or were called complained of fuzzy or distorted voice quality from me (even though I could hear them just fine). A call to T-Mobile and they were able to make a number of recommendations which I decided to trial out for a week or two. Result was no dice.

Please help me T-Mobile

So I call T-Mobile Customer Services again and am greeted by THE most helpful person – she is polite, understanding and together we setup a set of checkpoints that, if we can’t resolve we’ll take a look at our options – as this was going to require 24 hours to setup we were to speak again the next day to catch up.

Sadly, I miss her call and call the TM-CS folks, finding myself with someone who swallowed the company line down to how many breaths she can take per minute. I get told I have one of two choices: 1) Suck it up 2) Get another phone at retail rate and commit to another 2 year contract. That was company policy and no way were there any other options.

When I asked the CS rep how she would feel if these were her options she replied “I wouldn’t like it”, so given that she was not going to prove helpful to my cause I escalated to the CS Supervisor. She initially agrees with the CS rep but then under me not giving in, admits she is willing to replace my phone with the same model. OK, but what if this model exhibits the same behaviour? Apparently company policy was to exchange two times with the same phone and then look to other options. Further good natured badgering got her to agree to one exchange and then swap to a different model.

Then when it came to shipping the phone they were going to charge me $15.00 for S&H – Again, the CS Rep Supervisor, who by now had fully realised I was not some BS’er trying to get a new phone waived the fee (because the phone was also in warranty) AND upgraded my shipping to priority. Whilst I waited, I went back to using my V3 Motorola – One week later the phone turned up.

“Why am I not shocked?”

The phone had the same issues – no surprises there, especially as I’d read a review on Amazon saying the same thing happened with their 5300XM. I called T-Mobile CS this weekend and explained the situation – after about 15 minutes of that person going through some of the hoops, she agreed that it was just a need for a straight swap. So in 10 days time I should be getting a Motorola Rizr.

Nokia, your product makes me lose faith in you

After that experience I am not sure that I have confidence in a Nokia Product at this time – I’m sure there are some great products out there, but I don’t want to have to play “good luck chuck” to find them. I’ve had a solid experience with Motorola (apart from early adoption issues with the V3x), so I am happy to get the Rizr.

T-Mobile, your Customer Service is Very Good in a sea of Averages

…but not 100% great. I am impressed with many of the more supervisory staff I have been in contact with – and the first CS rep I talked to was just amazing with her customer service (I did call her supervisor to let her know how great my experience was), however there are a few out there still that have a jobs-worth attitude. It sounds like they’re working on it in a corporate culture which is fantastic… Certainly comparing the CS to Vodaphone and “3” in the UK, T-Mobile excels. Kudos to T-Mobile!


Oh and by the way… Do your best Jagger!