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The Mission @ Sherpherds Bush Empire – Show #3

Saw the band play songs from “Children” and also a few other faves (Slave to Lust, Like a Hurrican, Like a Child Again) and they were on top form – shame the audience were a little lacklustre at the start but once Wayne got into it, everyone got into the whole feel and it was one of those great Mish shows, complete with the obligatory towers during “Tower of Strength”

Aside from the usual suspects also met Simon Hinkler (who is an exceptionally friendly chap) as well as Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls from The Wonderstuff. Miles and I have been in the same room on quite a few occasions but have never really introduced ourselves. He was looking quite dapper tonight.

Tonight is the final show and my last day in the UK. Back to sweet home Chicago on Sunday.

Have you ever considered listening to The Mission UK?

The Mission - God Is A BulletLooking for something new to listen to? How about something that’s been here all along and you’ve maybe missed it.

The Mission UK started in 1985 and have had a colourful career since – once the darlings of the British press, renowned for their antics on and off the stage, as well as breaking the US markgin briefly as well as Asia, not to mention dominating Europe and Latin America….

The year is now 2008 and The Mission are embarking on their final tour, culminating in four London shows (which I’m pleased to be travelling back to Blighty to see ’em). Their last album “God Is A Bullet” is touted by the band as possible the best album they’ve ever recorded, along side “Gods Own Medicine” – and I have to agree! Not just because I did the hand claps for two of the tracks 🙂 but also because it is the most accessible album to date – and some have suggested was up there for album of the year in 2007 when it was released.

The last single (“Blush“) is an absolute corker of a track – it’s very pop orientated but has the Mission edge to it – Wayne Hussey has defined a sound for many years that, although the music has maintained a contemporary feel, has been part of what quintessentially makes The Mission – don’t believe me? Check out reviews like this -> (link)

Don’t believe all you read this band are a Goth band – they’re a rock band that has it’s goth roots, but they’re so much more than that – for $10 I would suggest you have little to lose than to check them out – And no, I’m not on commission!